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Oxytocin and the Lowering of Aggressiveness for Yoga Poses For Men’s Health

When injected into certain parts of the mammalian brain, oxytocin activates a lessening of aggressiveness, an increase in yoga poses sociability, a greater tolerance to pain, a lowering of arteriole pressure, an increase in yoga poses appetite, and maternal behavior in yoga poses women. These effects persist, on average, twice as long in yoga poses females than in yoga poses males. The effect of this calm is, first, individual. It easily spreads to other persons in yoga poses the same group. Experience has showed that this transmission is carried out by olfactory pathways, in yoga poses all likelihood by the pheromones that touch an archaic part of the olfactory system: the vomeronasal organ.97 These are hormones secreted to have an impact on other organisms, while the classic hormones are secreted to have an impact on the regulation of the organism that secretes them in yoga poses other words, there would again be a dual channel of communication:

1. A serene person has a calming effect on her environment by her behavior.

2. A serene person with a lot of oxytocin also has a calming effect because she emits calming pheromones.

There are certainly parallel actions here, situated at the behavioral and physiological level and coordinated by an organismic regulator that is activated by oxytocin. Kosfeld and colleagues (2005) set up an experiment that shows that a nasal injection of oxytocin administered to students of the University of Zurich suffices to increase their confidence. This research demonstrated the effect of oxytocin on social relations independently of a relationship with newborns.

Oxytocin and Blood Pressure for Yoga Poses For Men’s Health

Uvnas-Moberg (1998) has showed that repeated injections of oxytocin lowers blood pressure and Cortisol secretion (produced especially by stress) and provokes weight gain. The beneficial effect of oxytocin establishes itself in yoga poses the organism only after a series of injections, given regularly for many days. Uvnas-Moberg (1998) concludes that this shows this effect is not directly induced by oxytocin but that oxytocin sets circuits in yoga poses motion that gradually form a healing process in yoga poses the organism. Thus, only after having injected rats for at least five days do we discern, ten days later, a lasting lowering of blood pressure. The effect is not the same for male and female rats. Weight gain, for example, is a characteristic of females taking oxytocin. These repeated injections disinhibit, in yoga poses a lasting way, the influence of the axis of stress and arrests the excessive secretion of Cortisol.

A similar effect can be obtained by stroking the front of a person’s trunk for five minutes each day, for ten or so days, at a rate of forty caresses per minute. It consists of light strokes (but not to the point of becoming erotic) that go from the top of the thorax to the lower abdomen without going all the way to the genitals.98 This research confirms that a relatively permanent psychosomatic change requires the repeated and regular use of an exercise.

Children who received the kind of attention that activates oxytocin have a lesser chance of developing blood pressure problems as they grow older. Studies on this subject are under way and are worthy of close attention.

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