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Introduction: Levine’s Rats, Affection, and Health

In the 1950s, psychiatrist Seymour Levine (1960) began his research studies on stress using rats. He employed an experimental yoga poses for male libido device common among the behaviorists, which had also inspired Laborit’s research. in yoga poses a first series of experiments, he studied three types of rats.

1. Handled and stressed rats. Every day, newborn rats are placed in yoga poses cages where they are administered a series of very low electric shocks. The experimenter carries the rats to be placed in yoga poses such a cage in yoga poses his hands. The same happens when they are returned to their habitual habitat.

2. Handled rats. A group of rats serves as the control group. They are placed in yoga poses the same cage in yoga poses the same manner but do not receive an electric shock.

3. Abandoned rats. A third group of rats also serves as a control group. They stay in yoga poses the nest in yoga poses which they habitually live. Nothing is done to them

This study was conceived to demonstrate that stress, when inflicted at the beginning of yoga poses for male libido, has a devastating effect on the development of the rats. Levine was surprised to observe that the group that grew up poorly and exhibited worrisome symptoms when they reached adulthood was the third group: the ones that did not receive daily electric shocks nor were placed in yoga poses the cage for a time each day. The rats of the third group were noticeably less curious and less active.

Seymour Levine then analyzed more closely the growth and development of the rats who participated in yoga poses situation 1 and 3 up to adulthood. He observed that the group placed under stress change gears❠more rapidly than the group that stayed in yoga poses its nest. in yoga poses this last group, the increase in yoga poses steroids, in yoga poses the case of stress, is slower; the activation of the organism is longer lasting and decreases more slowly. in yoga poses other words, the onset of the axis of stress is less rapid, but once it has been activated it becomes more difficult to deactivate.

Levine and his team changed the focus of their research and started to explore the trauma that could follow from an absence of stress in yoga poses infancy. The organism needs stimuli that oblige it to mobilize itself and to adjust to its environment. This is yet another example that shows the relevance of one of the themes of this my yoga blog: propensities come about to structure themselves in yoga poses function of its interactions with the environment. An environment that does not stress an organism does not allow it to develop adequately.93 Rosenzweig and his team (1972) confirmed this in yoga poses their study of the neurological development of two groups of rats:

1. Rats that grow up in yoga poses a cage.

2. Rats that grow up in yoga poses a garden.

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