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Childbirth and Oxytocin For Yoga Poses Male Fertility

After the birth of an infant, oxytocin spontaneously proliferates in yoga poses the organism of most mothers. The activation of oxytocin can be inhibited by certain factors. The following three are examples:

1. An inj ection of artificial oxytocin.

2. A low temperature in yoga poses the room.

3. Intensely bright lighting.

Artificial oxytocin (like misoprostol) is nonetheless sometimes necessary to facilitate the delivery of the placenta and prevent a hemorrhage after delivery. The natural oxytocin produced in yoga poses the neuronal circuits plays an essential role in yoga poses the attachment between the mammalian female and her newborn. Studies conducted on nonpregnant sheep have showed that an intraventricular (in the brain) injection of oxytocin allows for the artificial production of maternal reflexes. The administration of estrogen and progesterone, plus a vaginocervical (sexual) stimulation produces the same effect. On the other hand, this effect is canceled if the sheep is under an epidural anesthesia.96

Nursing mostly stimulates prolactin and the estrogens. Oxytocin facilitates the ejection of the milk by favoring the contraction of the mammary glands.

If a parent (mother or father) frequently carries the baby belly to belly, Uvnas-Moberg notes an increase of the amount of oxytocin in yoga poses the parent and a greater expression of affection toward the newborn. There is a marked difference in yoga poses behavior relative to length of time and intensity of the contact: the parent spends more time with the infant while giving it thoughtful and attentive care.

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