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Better to Be a Lout than to Be Resigned. Henri Laborit Yoga Poses For Male Fertility uses a simple controlled experiment to show that in yoga poses the case of stress, it is better to be aggressive and active than to be resigned. For this research, he uses a theoretical model that has the same structure as the one he used in yoga poses his research on the necessity to maintain the cells active in yoga poses a deregulated environment. The basic situation is composed of two rat cages linked by a door. The floor of the cages has a wire mesh on it so that one can pass an electric current through it. Rats receive an electric shock ten minutes a day, but the cages allow Laborit to vary the context in yoga poses which this is done:

Situation 1. The floor tips when the rat changes cage. The rocking of the floor shuts off the electricity. Every time an electric current passes through the mesh on the floor, the rat feels pain. But the rat quickly discovers that in yoga poses changing cage, the pain ceases. This is the situation of simple avoidance.

Situation 2. The situation is the same as the preceding one, but a light flickers four seconds before the electric current passes through the mesh on the floor. The rat thus changes cage as soon as he sees the light turn on. This time, there is active avoidance of a painful situation.

Situation 3. The door between the two cages is now closed. The rat can only undergo the pain of the electric shock. The situation is hopeless.❠At first, the rat moves in yoga poses every direction; then slowly, something will inhibit his will to react, move, and feel. After having lived in yoga poses this way for a week, the rat has lost weight. He acquires a stable hypertension, which then takes weeks to resolve. The amount of Cortisol in yoga poses his blood is high. The mucous membranes of the intestines develop ulcers. This state of collapse, contraction, resignation is well known by body psychotherapists who speak of constriction and resignation. Reich,89 for example, describes the reaction of a newborn boy who, after circumcision, can no longer cry and scream, ends up contracting himself and becoming mute. Laborit explains that this pathological state (for the body and mind) can become permanent if the situation remains unbearable. A system of inhibition of action,90 similar to the axis of stress described by Selye, is established.

Situation 4. The situation is the same as the preceding one, except that at the end of a week, the door between the two cages is open. Even though he is now able to change situation, he will not profit from it and will remain stuck in yoga poses his inhibition❠(Laborit, 1989, X.5, 207; translated by Marcel Duclos)

Situation 5. The situation is the same as the preceding one, except that in yoga poses the electrified cage there are now two rats. in yoga poses discovering that they cannot flee the pain caused by the electric shock, the will get up on their hind legs, which at least reduces the area of body surface in yoga poses contact with the electrified floor. They will then fight, up on their hind legs, and attack one other with the upper part of their body. Indirectly, this reaction renders them a service. As each body serves as a support for the other, the rats are able to remain on their back legs much longer. A week later, their bodies are in yoga poses relatively good shape, and the mechanisms of stress have not been established. This only works if the rats are about of equal strength. This is what often happens in yoga poses the gang wars of adolescents who live in yoga poses desperate social situations. in yoga poses other words, an available aggression makes it possible for them avoid being shut up in yoga poses a state of resignation.

These experiments suggest a series of measures one can take to help someone who suffers from being in yoga poses a traumatizing Yoga Poses For Male Fertility context:

1. If possible, change the milieu.

2. At least avoid the more tense situations.

3. Keep one’s creativity, and allow oneself to become aggressive or to sublimate.

Several recent studies confirm that the more a person has an unfavorable position in yoga poses the social hierarchy, the greater the probability that the axis of stress would be intensely activated. This has been observed in yoga poses rats, monkeys, and humans. This phenomenon has become sufficiently common for it to become a medical symptom often identified in yoga poses psychiatry as social anxiety disorder. This body of research demonstrates to what point interactive behaviors can sometimes have a deep impact on affective and metabolic dynamics.

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