Yoga poses lose weight

Hold each extreme position for 20 Relax briefly upon completion

Raise arms overhead and perform the backward movement as usual Reach forward and attempt now to hold the fee;t

Bend forward as far as possible 1 Elbows need not bend outward as previously Knefes remain straight

Hold your extreme position (as far down as you can come today) without motion fc&a count of 20 If this position is too difficult revert to a less extreme posture

Slowly straighten to upright position

Repeat this extreme position once

Proceed to Practice Plan”

practice plan 13th day

1. Perform your extreme position of the Shoulder Stand once as learned today. [Fig. 20)

Hold for one minute

Instead of coming out of the posture, begin to lower legs behind you and place palms on floor.

2. Execute your extreme position of the Plough as learned today. Hold for 20. (Fig. 21)

Come out of the posture as directed.

Rest briefly, then raise your trunk to upright position.

3. Execute your extreme position of the Back Stretch. (Fig. 22)

Sit in a cross-legged posture and perform the Complete Breath five times.

Then sit quietly for several minutes arhd become aware of what is occurring in your organism as explained previously.

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