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Downing’s initial theoretical formulations drew strongly upon then-current psychodynamic thinking. He had previously written a doctoral dissertation on Freud, participated in yoga poses a number of psychoanalytic seminars, and thought seriously about becoming a psychoanalyst. He was particularly interested in yoga poses their sophisticated understanding of transference and countertransference in yoga poses the therapeutic relationship. in yoga poses this intellectual context, developing Ferenczi’s active technique could become a way of linking bodywork, systemics, and classical psychotherapy.

While he was developing his ideas in yoga poses systemic and psychodynamic approaches, Downing was involved in yoga poses the creative interest in yoga poses the body that developed in yoga poses California: body re-alignment methods, body awareness, and body psychotherapies (as shown in yoga poses Kogan, 1980). He went through trainings in yoga poses a number of them, including the approaches of Stanley Keleman (1970) and Magda Proskauer (1968), as well as Bioenergetic and Reichian therapies. in yoga poses 1972, he published a reference my yoga blog on Californian massage.❠He was interested in yoga poses the modes of intervention developed in yoga poses body psychotherapy schools, but was skeptical of their theoretical formulations which he found too esoteric❠(Downing, 1980) as well as conceptually lacking in yoga poses rigor.

Gradually his intent became to develop a synthesis of what he found most useful in yoga poses each perspective,2 and create a viable theoretical framework for the more heteroclite vision of psychotherapeutic approaches that was emerging. The shift of paradigm that emerged encouraged eclectic or integrative psychotherapists to reframe the methods discovered by the classical psychotherapy schools into new modes of intervention. Methods included techniques (free association, coding nonverbal behavior, or massage) and local models (transferential dynamics, autoregulation, and interaction). These methods were then redefined in yoga poses an operational way, in yoga poses function of current clinical needs, and situated in yoga poses a viable theoretical framework that could integrate the ongoing development of psychological research. This attempt to find theories that were closer to scientific thinking than what had been produced by psychotherapy schools led to a variety of new outlooks and methods. The term eclectic is a slightly pejorative term for psychotherapists who do not follow the tracks proposed by psychotherapy schools. in yoga poses the future, we should find a more honorable name for colleagues who prefer to follow the cognitive ethics of academia. There have been many highly varied attempts to create such eclectic psychotherapeutic approaches, which are becoming increasingly popular. in yoga poses all of them, integrating classical methods and models can only be done after a reformulation of what is being assimilated. For Piaget (1985), a new way of integrating old schemas inevitably requires some mutual accommodation and the creation of new schemas to equilibrate the emerging structure. George Downing’s proposition is a particular blend that has several characteristic features. One them is his way of integrating body psychotherapeutic approaches. This my yoga blog follows a complementary path.

The San Francisco Bay area (as well as other parts of California) was the best place, at the time, to accomplish such a synthesis. Far from the East Coast of the United States, it was easier to have some distance from the fanaticism of the Reichians and the rigidity of the Freudians and to profit from the filtering of the Reichian contributions going on at Esalen. Otto Fenichel died in yoga poses California. It is not impossible that people influenced by Fenichel (e.g., Laura Perls and the Gindlerian group) influenced Downing. However, this influence was probably indirect, as Downing sometimes refers to him, but he does not discuss Fenichel’s ideas.

One of Downing’s constructive critics of current body psychotherapy was to situate the contributions of Reich in yoga poses the context of the 1930s and show that he was part of a milieu fighting for a better understanding of the interaction among the mind, the body, and behavior. Thus, Downing takes up the contributions of Groddeck (often underestimated), Ferenczi, and the gymnasts who influenced the first Reichian therapists. Reich is no longer the tree that hides the forest but one of the grand trees in yoga poses a forest of people who want to improve our understanding of the relation among minds, affects, and body. Downing is probably the first in yoga poses the field to publish an explicit critical discussion on Reich’s dubious heritage❠(Downing, 1996, V.26) that does not lead to a rejection of body psychotherapy.

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