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True relaxation must become a continual way of life. Relaxation, to the Yogi, does not mean lethargy, collapse or escape. It does not even necessarily mean inactivity. Exactly the contrary. Real relaxation implies becoming much more alive❠and aware than we usually are, even in the midst of our workday activities! Escape or distraction is desirable only when you are not experiencing the miracle of your true selfâ. Through the centuries it has been proven that there is nothing more effective for achieving a state of sustained relaxation for getting with yourselfâ, than Yoga. At first, the delightful experience of letting go may be confined solely to the time you,are actually practicing your Yoga exercises. But gradually this feeling begins to carry over more and more into your everyday activities. As this occurs you often find that work, chores and tasks that were formerly irritating lose the power to drain your life-force. When you are truly relaxed you can accomplish your work, whatever it is, expending a minimum of energy. You will experience the truth of this before our 28 days are concluded.

Perform once in each of the three positions as learned on s 13, 22 and 57. Count only 5 in the backward position and 20 in each forward position

A When you have completed the third position, straighten up so that you can extend your left leg to the side. Note the position of the leg and foot

C Bend forward once again Twist trunk slightly to the side Bring forehead as close to knee as possible Arms come over back as before Knee remains straight Feel stretching of the ‘hamstring” muscles Hold without motion for 10.

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