Yoga Poses for Knee Pain

WHILE WATCHING MY eight-year-old son run, recently, I noticed that his right foot was turning inwards. It was only slightly but there was enough of a twist to warrant a visit to the podiatrist. “I think my son might have crow’s feet,” I say, offering my diagnosis while booking an appointment. Silence echoes down the phone line, followed by a quizzical, “Crow’s feet?” Bamboozled momentarily, I realise my gaffe. “Oh, ha! I mean, I think he’s pigeon-toed. Obviously, I’m the one who has crow’s feet!”

As I glance across to the mirror, blushing at what might have seemed like a ridiculous obsession with wrinkles, my hilarity subsides. There they are: crow’s feet resolute little lines radiating out from the corners of my eyes, and dark circles, and the face of … a 40-something-year-old. This is no time to panic; sober and rational action will surely fix everything. I could put a bag over my head. I could howl, wail and curse. Or I could never look in a mirror. Ever. Again.

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