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Alternatively, I could embrace life at top-speed. Bring on the hair-raising, rip-roaring, fabulous adventure: a middleaged woman and her magnificent midlife crisis. I will tear around town in a Maserati (with the top down) wearing outfits utterly inappropriate for my new age bracket, whooping “40 is the new 30” as I party all night and drink too much booze. I ponder my long-term future, however, and suddenly “wild at 43” feels clichéd and hollow. It’s time to face facts. A study published at the end of last year by a team of researchers from the University of Melbourne concluded that the myth of a midlife crisis is, indeed, a fact. The researchers confi rmed that lifetime happiness, tracked on a U-curve, dips at middle age, reaching its lowest point around age 40.

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The term “midlife crisis” was coined in 1965 by Canadian psychoanalyst Dr Elliott Jaques when he connected midlife with “having to The much-maligned midlife crisis does not discriminate, and its effects can be devastating. Learn how to use self-reflection, meditation, and yoga to dodge the onslaught of your middle years, release your fears, and embrace a positive new stage of life. accept the reality of one’s death”. Typically, this can occur anywhere from age 35 to 50 and triggers can include debt, divorce, or grief; or our own psyche might rouse a change in our behaviour. We might be successful, and then begin to question if everything we have is actually everything that we really want. A midlife crisis can manifest in different people in many different ways including anger, a sense of dissatisfaction, boredom, confusion, anxiety, depression, and irrational behaviour, which can include drinking or craving a new relationship or material assets. So, is there a cure for the malady of midlife? What is the antidote to all the turmoil?

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