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Yoga poses kapalbhati for Flowering March-April. Stony lower slopes, usually in heavy soils, NW Namaqualand to Olifants River Valley. Haemanthus nortieri Isaac Plants to cm high bulbs with dark outer tunics. Leaf single, dry at flowering, erect, broadly elliptical, mm wide, often narrowly strap-shaped near the base, dark green, somewhat rough and sticky, often covered with sand. Umbel compact on a dark red scabrid scape, spathe bracts five to eight, as long as or longer than the flowers, acute, leathery, deep red to dusky pink, flowers mm long, pale red, stamens and style exserted. Flowering February-March. Seasonal washes, often near exposed rocks with succulent shrubs, NW Nardouw Mountains. Yoga poses kapalbhati photos, Yoga poses kapalbhati 2016.

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