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Yoga poses joy for Flowers two to five per spike, white, often red on the outside of the outer tepals, Hesperantha brevifolia Hesperantha bachmanniifacing to the side or half-nodding, lightly scented in the evening when open, perianth tube curved near the apex, mm long, tepals mm long bracts green, prominently veined, the margins united toward the base around the spike axis. Flowering September-November. Shale and sandstone slopes, NW, SW Nardouw Mountains to Bain’s Kloof. Hesperantha cedarmontana Goldblatt Plants cm high corm bell-shaped with a flat base, the margins fringed. Leaves sword-shaped, obtuse. Flowers mostly two to four per spike, white, stamens included in the tube, sweetly clove scented when open in the later afternoon and evening, perianth tube mm long, tepals spreading, mm long bracts green. Flowering September-October. Yoga poses joy photos, Yoga poses joy 2016.

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