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Yoga poses inversions for Foster Plants cm high corm bell-shaped with a flat base, tunics lightly ridged, the margins with projecting teeth. Hespemntha pallescens Leaves linear, fleshy. Flowers mostly three to six per spike, nodding on a recurved tube, cream, brown or red on the outside, perianth tube mm long, tepals mm long bract margins often united near the base around the spike axis, membranous, distant. Flowering July-September. Mostly rocky pavement, RV, NW Bokkeveld Mountains to Cold Bokkeveld and western Karoo. Hesperantha montigena Goldblatt Plants cm high corm conical, tunics concentric. Leaves oblong, lower two often prostrate, with thickened margins, the uppermost leaf entirely sheathing. Yoga poses inversions photos, Yoga poses inversions 2016.

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