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Wondering how to integrate your yoga practice into your Easter celebrations? Why not try Bunny Yoga? Just collect an armful of the most adorable rabbits you can find and let them roam around while you practice. You read right – bunny yoga is a real thing. Not only can you enjoy yoga with dogs and cats, but you can practice alongside these peaceful balls of fur now too. And it’s not just a gimmick to entice students.

Canadian organisation Bandaids for Bunnies has teamed up with Sunberry Fitness to offer this unique experience that takes yoga beyond the mat and helps bring awareness to a growing population of abandoned rabbits in Richmond. The mission of Bandaids for Bunnies is to rescue abandoned bunnies, have them spayed, neutered and prepared for adoption.

In the meantime, ten bunnies hop around the studio hoping to be taken home by students who just can’t resist their cuteness. Bunny Yoga hasn’t quite made its way to Australia yet, but if you’re heading OS, a trip to Richmond in Canada could give you a yoga experience to write home about.

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