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Yoga poses hip openers for Flowers two to seven per spike, small, white, scented when open in the late afternoon and early evening, perianth tube straight, mm long, tepals spreading, mm long bracts green, membranous. Flowering July- August. Stony clay slopes, RV Hantamsberg and Roggeveld Escarpment. Hesperantha radiata Jacquin Ker Gawler Plants cm high corm obliquely flattened below, tunics overlapping, the margins fringed, serrated, or toothed. Leaves short, linear, fleshy. Flowers mostly many per spike, nodding on a recurved tube and tepals reflexed, white to cream, outer tepals red to brown on the outside, mostly opening after sunset and sweetly scented, perianth tube curved in the upper third, mm long, tepals lightly reflexed, mm long bracts green or submembranous, often almost overlapping, the margins united in the lower half around the spike axis. Sandstone, granite, and clay soils, fynbos and renosterveld, RV, NW, SW, KM, LB, SE widespread, Namaqualand to Swaziland. Yoga poses hip openers photos, Yoga poses hip openers 2016.

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