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The term attunement was a rare word in yoga poses child psychology until Daniel Stern used it. According to the New Oxford English Dictionary, this term designates what a person does so that others become more aware of what is going on with him. Having said that, there is also an intensification of the quality of the communication, as when two musicians tune their instruments so that they might play together. Stern11 speaks of attunement when a mother accommodates herself to the moods of her baby, calibrating her mental and bodily behavior to support her infant.

This notion of mutual attunement is part of Stern’s attempt to identify how a communication should unfold. It consists of being able to tune the behaviors and the affects of each one by following the rules listed here:

1. Adequate temporal coordination of behaviors. The necessity of coordinating (a) the way that a parent places a spoon in yoga poses the mouth of a young child to feed it and (b) the motor skills with which the child eats is already an example of the attunement of behaviors.

2. Ease of intermodal translation. I have detailed the notion of intermodality when speaking of Wilma Bucci.12 It consists of being able to coordinate several communicative modalities (gestures, words, gazes, etc.) at the center of a dialogue between organisms.

3. Affective resonance. Stern adds to the two observable requirements, the intersubjective impression that these behaviors are part of a shared affective state.13 That does not necessarily mean that if the child smiles, the adults around him also smile. A relationship can be in yoga poses accord even if each one retains a personal mood. On the other hand, there can only be attunement if everyone experiences sympathy and empathy for the mood of the other.

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