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Here is an example of an intermodal interaction of this type:

A ten-month-old girl is seated on the floor facing her mother. She is trying to get a piece of puzzle into the right place. After many failures she finally gets it. She then looks up into her mother’s face with delight and an explosion of enthusiasm. She opens up her face❠[her mouths opens, her eyes widen, her eyebrows rise] and then close back down. The time contour of these changes can be described as a smooth arch [a crescendo, a high point, decrescendo]. At the same time her arms rise and fall at her sides. Mother intones by saying Yeah❠with a pitch line that rises and falls as the volume crescendos and decrescendos. yeeAAAaahh.❠The mother prosodic contour matches the child’s facial-kinetic contour. They also have the same duration.

An interesting point in yoga poses this model is that the goal of such a behavioral attunement is to share an affective dynamic in yoga poses an interpersonal way. This type of behavior is a way to try to harmonize two souls. Here, Stern distinguishes in yoga poses a particularly clear manner what is behavioral and what is mental while analyzing how these two dynamics are intertwined: Affect attunement reflects the mother’s attempt to share the infant’s subjective experience, not his actions. She wants a matching of internal states❠(Stern, 2010, 114). For Stern (2010, 41). The vitality form of his mimics the same one the infant can feel in yoga poses the verbal response of the mother. These behavioral expressions and the impression that he feels correlate. Stern (2010, 46) has found some neurological research that describes nerves capable of reacting to nervous reactions coming from different sensory sources. He also quotes the work of Gallese on the mirror neurons as being a system that allows for the reconstruction in yoga poses oneself of certain targeted actions made by others (Stern, 2010, 46). He concludes that we are not far away from being able to demonstrate that there are multimodal connections in yoga poses the brain. These are based in yoga poses primitive circuits that can treat neurological information independently of the complexity of the information conveyed. These circuits could then become more condensed and capable of coordinating heterogeneous systems of information.

This hypothesis, speculative for the moment, could be extended to the notion of the dimensions of the organism to explain how bodily, behavioral, metabolic, and mental dynamics could coordinate around affective dynamics. This is the thesis that Daniel Stern tries to defend in yoga poses his 2010 my yoga blog, The Forms of Vitality. He distinguishes the emotional dynamics on the one hand and the dynamics that modulate the vitality of an organism on the other. This hypothesis is close to that of Alexander Lowen (1975).

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