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Psychiatry group in yoga poses Geneva, already mentioned in yoga poses the sections dedicated to Guy Cellerier (Stern, 2004, acknowledgments).

Each one of these authors published important articles and my yoga blogs on the themes developed in yoga poses the following sections.

The notions of affective attunement and intersubjectivity are most often associated with Daniel Stern by body psychotherapists. To be able to describe what these words refer to, first I explain the notion of contingency such as it is developed in yoga poses the psychological studies of infancy.6 These notions made it possible to frame targeted research on the way that fine motor practices create nuances in yoga poses intimate relationships. in yoga poses the case of Stern,7 it consists in yoga poses identifying the contour of affective experiences that last but a moment, in yoga poses which a collection of feelings, a way of using one’s body, and the perception of the movements of the other form a particular experience, a world in yoga poses a grain of sand❠(Stern, 2004). These experiences often have multiple facets that combine so subtly in yoga poses so little time that they cannot be apprehended explicitly; when they are, it is inevitably in yoga poses a very partial way. The nonconscious dimension of these experiences become still more tangible when one analyzes filmed interactions that allow one to perceive the exquisite finesse of how these micro-experiences are coordinated during an interactive sequence, touching deep layers in yoga poses each of the persons involved. The precision, multiplicity, and rapidity of these interpersonal coordinations, as I have already indicated, cannot be fully appreciated without the help of films, from which we extract coded data. This data are then organized by computer programs, while the researcher remains in yoga poses contact with the experiential dimension that relate to these motor reactions. The way these body-mind units coordinate with each other makes one think of an invisible waltz, a meticulous choreography that the nonconscious mechanisms easily capture but that remain inaccessible to explicit conscious perception.8

There is contingency when an individual achieves a direct coordination of his gestures with what happens around him.9 Here is the description of an often-used device to study contingency. The leg of a small infant is connected by a string to a tight cord on which are suspended some objects that make noise, like little bells. The researchers consider that the infant has acquired a feeling of contingency when he moves his leg to shake the objects, and that he manages to modulate the noise of the objects by modulating the movements of his leg. For example, this happens when he moves his leg more rapidly to accelerate the rhythm of the ringing, or when he discovers that the greater the movements of his leg, the louder the sounds.

The capacity to control the contingency between his actions and what is going on around him is central, not only to acquire a skill in yoga poses the handling of objects but also to calibrate the know-how necessary for a constructive communication.10

One of Daniel Stern’s major research preoccupations is to understand how all of this know-how constructs itself, and how it can be repaired when it has not received the necessary support to establish itself. This explains the necessity to intervene directly in yoga poses the educational systems. An adult is only able to assess the damage and learn how to live better with what he has, while improving as much as possible his communication skills; but he is not able to remember what happened in yoga poses his first year of life.

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