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Yoga poses glutes for However, the same set of stimuli is read differently by different humans who harbour different concepts. This is why Dhritarashtra, Duryodhana and Arjuna respond to the battleground of Kuru-kshetra very differently. The journey from human to divine is to achieve conceptual clarity and appreciate the world as it is, while empathizing with how others perceive it. But are concepts real? Are they not products of the imagination? How can we value imagination? This distinguishing of the imaginary from the real overlooks the fact that humans are humans because of the ability to imagine. All the things that we value justice, equality, free speech, human rights are actually concepts churned out of imagination, just like ideas such as God, heaven, hell, rebirth and immortality. We may classify these ideas as secular or religious, rational or supernatural, value one over the other, but they are essentially creations of humans, by humans, for humans. They are artificial constructions, not natural phenomena. Yoga poses glutes photos, Yoga poses glutes 2016.

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