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Yoga poses for on * Prtha is another name for Kunti, Arjuna s mother. That thou hast abstained from battle thru fear The (warriors) of great chariots will think of thee; And of whom thou wast highly regarded, Thou shalt come to be held lightly. And many sayings that should not be said Thy ill-wishers will say of thee, Speaking ill of thy capacity: What, pray, is more grievous than that? Either slain thou shalt gain heaven, Or conquering thou shalt enjoy the earth. Therefore arise, son of Kunti, Unto battle, making firm resolve. (2.31-37) Interwoven with these passages is a metaphysical rationale for Arjuna to fight, and if we think of Arjuna s mindset as essentially Vedic then this metaphysic is something completely new. It has much in common with the philosophies of Samkhya and Yoga that will receive definitive formulation in the post-epic period in the Samkhya Karika of Isvarakrsna and the Yoga Sutra of Patanjali. Yoga poses for 2016.

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