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Yoga poses for work for Eventually the Treta yuga gives way to Dvapara yuga, where upright men like Bhisma and Karna allow the Kauravas to thrive while honest men like Yudhishthira gamble their kingdom and their wife away, even when Krishna walks the earth.

Does that make the Ramayana and the Mahabharata tragedies, since they do not have happy endings? Attempts to classify the epics so are themselves judgemental, against the very spirit in which they were composed. The epics simply end with the death of their protagonists: Ram dies in Book 7 of the Ramayana while Krishna dies in the Mausala Parva, Book 16 of the Mahabharata; Arjuna dies in Book 17. Ram walks into the river Sarayu, and a stray arrow kills Krishna.

Both have a smile on their lips when they die for they know death is not the end: another life awaits. Arjuna on the other hand slips while climing a mountain and dies in disappointment, having failed to reach swarga. Beginning and End of Hindu Epics The Gita does not aspire for perfection. Yoga poses for work photos, Yoga poses for work 2016.

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