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Repeat the previous sequence into Elevated Scorpion, this time leading with the right leg up in the air (24). This brings you to Side Lunge Pose with your left leg straight (25). Inhale as you bring the left leg in toward your center to a Quad Squat Position (26) to prepare for the Crane Pose (Bakasana). Exhale and widen your knees outwards slightly past your elbows. Keep the bend in your elbows and flare them outward to the side. You will now shift your weight slightly forward and, while on the balls of your feet, lay your knees on top of your bent arms just above the elbows. Bring your head forward and up to counter balance your weight, exhale to activate your core, and continue your forward lean. Find the balance point that will enable you to lift your feet off the floor. Keep your balance by pressing through your fingers and the heel of your palm. Your strong exhale will prime a good core activation and keep a solid hand balance (27). Inhale to prepare for a Spinal Wave to engage the ground. Exhale as you keep your arms fully stable and strongly bring your knees off your elbows to rise up in the air behind you (28). Here is where you apply a strong hip snap and leg drive to roll the front of your body smoothly onto the ground. As your chest and hips engage the ground, push firmly through your hands to straighten your elbows and finish in Upward-Facing Dog (Adho Mukha Svanasana). Turn your elbow pits forward and push against the floor, making sure not to shrug your shoulders up. Project your chest forward and up in front of you. Roll your shoulders back to engage in a strong shoulder pack. Look straight ahead or, if it is comfortable, lift your head and arch back to look at the sky. Squeeze your buttocks together and push your ankles into the floor. Exhale and sink into the pose to finish the Diving Dolphin flow (29).

Yoga poses for warm up for So much for Krishna s intervention! The yearning for perfection stems from the desire to control and organize the world to our taste, to create a cocoon where everything makes sense to us. It demands that we judge the world as a problem that needs fixing, chaos that needs to be organized, a disease that needs to be cured, a polluted space that needs purification. It assumes that the world needs to have a climax, a happy ending, or else life is a tragedy. These are typical of finite narratives, where there is only one life to lead. Climax of Finite Narratives The word perfect cannot be translated in Sanskrit, or any Indian language. The closest we come to it is excellent (uttam) and complete or comprehensive (purnatva), a reminder that Eden is not a Hindu concept. There is no fall from perfection, as in Abrahamic mythology. Yoga poses for warm up photos, Yoga poses for warm up 2016.

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