Yoga poses for vertigo

Practice on both sides


Q Sit in a cross-legged posture (whichever one you have found most comfortable)

Our objective here is to empty all air from the lungs Begin to slowly exhale through the nose Simultaneously contract abdomen as far as possible to assist in complete exhalation

Begin a very slow, quiet inhalation (through nose)

Simultaneously attempt to slowly distend (push out) in abdominal area using abdominal muscles. This movement permits air being inhaled to enter lower area of lungs

(If abdominal movements seem difficult, breathe normally and concentrate temporarily on contracting and distending the abdomen to get your abdominal muscles working. Moving the abdominal wall only an inch or two will be sufficient for today. When you have gained some mastery over the abdominal muscles, resume the exercise)

Continue the slow, quiet inhalation

1 Simultaneously contract the abdomen slightly and attempt to expand the chest as far as possible

1 O Continue the slow, quiet inhalation

Simultaneously raise the shoulders slowly as high as possible (This permits air to enter high area of lungs)

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