Yoga poses for vata dosha

Constipation is a serious and frequent problem for many people, particularly for those who must spend a great deal of time in a sitting position. Long periods of inactivity cause the peristaltic action to grow sluggish. There is no better solution to this problem than observing the Yogic dietary suggestions and regular practice of the Abdominal Lifts in both the Standing and All-Fours positions. Today, we have practiced a minimum number of lifts, since the exercise is new and somewhat difficult. In subsequent days we will increase the number until, within a few weeks, you will be doing up to twenty-five lifts with each exhalation.

The best time of the day to deal with sluggishness is upon arising. Drink four to six ounces of cool (not cold) water with a pinch of lemon. Allow a minute or two for the water to reach the stomach and then perform the lifts in both positions as learned today. This exercise greatly strengthens and firms the abdominal wall, preventing- it from sagging. Good muscle tone in this area helps to maintain the organs and glands of the viscera in their correct positions. You may have observed.he unsightly and unhealthy results of a dropped❠abdomen.

The All Fours position is particularly valuable for new mothers to help restore organs and glands to their proper positions.

Let us reiterate: this priceless technique is worthy of your most patient practice since it will certainly be utilized for your entire lifetime.

Having had one day of rest you should find your body responding well to today’s exercises.

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