Yoga Poses For Tennis Players

Tennis Want to look like a pro on the tennis court? The flexibility yoga brings can make a serious difference to your tennis game. Developing a good range of motion in your mid back and opening up your shoulders helps improve your backhand and forehand, and by giving you a stronger core, yoga will help you generate more power on court.

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As an added bonus, if you’re preparing for a match, the mental benefits of a regular yoga practice can help you keep a cool head under pressure. Tennis players are often dominant on their racquet side, which can pull the spine out of alignment, resulting in hip, knee and ankle pain. Yoga helps restore balance to your body, improving your game and preventing injury.

By stretching out your legs, you can help avoid hamstring injuries and improve your agility. A yoga stretch session can also help alleviate the pesky pain of tennis elbow. Stretching the area with non-weightbearing yoga poses can reduce pain and stiffness. Extended mountain pose with interlocked fingers, for example, reduces tension in the area and improves the flexibility of your forearms and tendons.

POSES TO TRY: Warrior II to reverse warrior, standing side stretch, prone pec stretch.

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