Yoga Poses For Surfers

Surfing Core strength, flexibility and balance – yoga can help you hone all the skills you need to stay on your board for longer. If you’re a surfing newbie, learning to control your breath with yoga will help you stay calm and conquer any anxiety you have about facing the waves. Meanwhile, building strength with sun salutation sequences and chaturanga will help you master that pop-up on the board.

Yoga Poses For Surfers Photo Gallery

Long spells in the water can lead to a tight chest, lower back and hips, but yoga can counter this by lengthening and releasing pressure in your back, as well as opening up your hips. Downward dog pose is especially helpful for lengthening your legs and calves as well as stretching your shoulders. Another bonus: if your muscles are relaxed, you’re less likely to lose your balance or get injured.

POSES TO TRY: Downward-facing dog to plank, warrior I, pigeon.

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