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Yoga poses for one for Leaves lanceolate, crisped and undulate, scarcely pleated, hairy. Flowers zygomorphic, mauve with yellow markings, acridly scented, perianth tube funnel-shaped, mm long, filaments arched, mm long, anthers mm long, ovary hairless bracts mm long, inner bracts shortly forked. Flowering July. Hard clay and shale, RV, NW Namaqualand and western Karoo, Botterkloof to Biedouw Valley. Babiana ambigua Babiana angustifolia Babiana cuneifolia Babiana cuneifolia j. c. Manning & Goldblatt Plants to cm high, stem short or underground. Yoga poses for one photos, Yoga poses for one 2016.

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Top 10 Yoga Pose Tips of 2014 | Yoga Journal's Best Of 2014


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