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Actions that Simultaneously Participate in yoga poses One’s Self-Regulation and That of the Other

From the moment a system of self-regulation becomes a behavior that can be perceived by others, it acquires an ostentatious status.24 Let us take the case of the newborn infant who touches himself, turns his gaze, reduces his breathing, and arches his back when he is anxious. These behaviors can help him reduce the disagreeable feelings that are overcoming him, but at the same time, they can inform an attentive adult concerning the type of attention that he needs.25 It is not necessary that these behaviors have been activated in yoga poses order to alert the other.26 These forms of auto-regulation may have been selected❠by evolutionary dynamics because others can perceive them The response of adults depends on what catches their attention at that moment and the way they manage to integrate this information.

A more detailed example of the way a behavior participates simultaneously in yoga poses a form of selfregulation and regulation of the other, which Beebe often quotes, is what happens when two people look into each other’s eyes:

1. To look at each other automatically creates in yoga poses the protagonists an impression that the connection is becoming more intense.

2. Both then feel an internal arousal that becomes more intense.

3. There is an increase in yoga poses cardiac rhythm.

These three points are based on observations of the mother-infant relationship made by Daniel Stern (1971, 1977) and Tiffany Field (1981, 1982). Field demonstrates that by avoiding eye contact, the infant automatically reduces his internal tension and cardiac activity. Even if this innate reaction were partially accessible to introspection most of the time, it comes about automatically without any conscious involvement.

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