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Yoga poses for meditation on In short, texts like Manu not only specified what people had to do but also employed techniques of psychological conditioning to mould their personalities to suit their roles in society. For an Indian living within the kind of framework set by these dharma texts, knowing one^s duty and its boundaries would hardly be a problem. And there are clear benefits to this Do, don^ think approach to life. I remember a Buddhist monk once explaining to a group of students that the rules and regulations of the Vinaya were a liberation rather than a burden because they took care of all the little decisions that had to be made in the course of every day and so left the monk free for meditation. Krsna is saying something similar to Arjuna and to all Hindus: stop being a decision maker, for that is a barrier to knowing god and becoming free from rebirth. The best course to follow is to do what you are told by the lawbooks (for that came from god in the first place and is in accord with your intrinsic nature) and want to do what you are told (for that is how you can express devotion to god). This is not the entire story, however, for in the Bhagavad Gita Krsna tells Arjuna that human choice on these matters is, in fact, illusory. Yoga poses for meditation 2016.

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