Yoga poses for gastritis


Place knees together and slowly sit back on heels (as in the Lion)

Place fingertips on floor at your sides Move arms slowly backward until you can rest hands on floor in position illustrated.

Note carefully that arms are parallel and fingers are together pointing behind you

Lower head backward slowly

Simultaneously arch spine inward; move trunk upward Buttocks remain on heels Knees remain together on floor Hold without movement for 20

(If this position is not yet possible due to overweight or weakness of feet, revert to position of Fig.10 and simply sit on heels for a count of 20 or only for as long as is comfortable. Ability to assume position of Fig. 12 should come with several days of practice)

If Fig. 12 presents no difficulty move hands as far backward as possible. Make sure hand position is correct Keep knees together Lower head and arch spine as before Stretch is now more intensive Hold without movement for 20

Raise head

Move hands slowly forward (never lunge in this exercise) Return to position of Fig..

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