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Yoga poses for bloating for Taxonomic accounts of Chasmanthe were provided by De Vos, c. Chasmanthe aethiopica Linnaeus N. E. Brown Plants high, stem unbranched corm depressedglobose with papery to fibrous tunics.

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Leaves swordshaped to lanceolate, fairly soft textured. Flowers in a secund, inclined to horizontal spike, orange, perianth tube abruptly expanded and almost pouched at the base of the upper part, dorsal tepal arising mm beyond the Chasmanthe aethiopica Chasmanthe aethiopica lower, lateral tepals mm long, lightly recurved, stamens extending under the dorsal tepal, the anthers not reaching the tepal apex. Seeds globose, bright orange with a fleshy coat when fresh. Yoga poses for bloating photos, Yoga poses for bloating 2016.

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