Yoga poses for bedtime

Yoga poses for bedtime for ROOTSTOCK a depressed-globose corm rooting from below, basal in origin, with firm-papery tunics, often becoming coarsely fibrous. LEAVES several, the lower two or three forming cataphylls, foliage leaves unifacial with a definite midrib, mostly basal and forming a two-ranked fan, blades lanceolate to sword-shaped, plane, cauline leaves few and reduced stem terete, simple or branched. INFLORESCENCE a two-ranked or secund spike, usually many-flowered and crowded bracts small, green, becoming dry at the tips, firm textured, the inner as long as or shorter than outer and notched apically. FLOWERS zygomorphic, orange, the lower tepals without contrasting markings or green, unscented, with nectar from septal nectaries perianth tube elongate, cylindrical below and sometimes spirally twisted, expanded abruptly and tubular and horizontal above tepals unequal, the dorsal largest, extended horizontally and concave, the remaining tepals much smaller, directed forward or recurved. STAMENS unilateral and arcuate, the lowermost central slightly longer than the other two anthers parallel, subversatile. STYLE long-exserted, horizontal, the branches filiform. FRUIT a globose capsule, leathery. Yoga poses for bedtime photos, Yoga poses for bedtime 2016.

Stretches to help calm the mind before going to sleep #yoga #pose yogaposes8

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3 Yoga Poses for Better Sleep | Yoga Poses, Yoga and Sleep yogaposes8

Yoga for Better Sleep yogaposes8

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