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The advantages of deep concentration on all movements of the exercises were discussed under Total Involvement In Your Practice.❠I hope you have remembered to do this. Now, we are suggesting that upon conclusion of the day’s exercises, you sit quietly and focus your full attention on how you feel. What effect have these profound physical movements had upon your organism? What is your body saying to you? How revealing is that moment when you are able to transcend your ordinary mind and reach deep into your center; when you begin to achieve self-realization!❠This practice of awareness an exercise in feeling, not thinking. We are temporarily suspending our thoughts so that we may focus fully on what is transpiring within the body. If you perceive that your attention is wandering, bring it back gently and firmly to what you are feeling. Within several weeks you will look forward to your Yoga exercises and the few minutes of silent awareness❠that follow as one of the most meaningful periods of the day.

Our review for today calls for an intensive workout. Practice exactly as instructed, concentrating very carefully on all of your movements. If any of the positions are, as yet, difficult for you, simply execute your extreme position. Remember: never strain. All of the extreme positions will be time.

Do not pause between the repetitions of any exercise unless so instructed.

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