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George Downing, a psychologist of American origin, resides in yoga poses Paris. in yoga poses the late 1960s Downing lived in yoga poses California, in yoga poses the San Francisco area. It had become one of the regions in yoga poses which one could find the greatest density of Nobel Prize winners. The fabulous creativity of this region was not only manifest in yoga poses the hard sciences and technology. It also expressed itself by developing psychotherapeutic modes of intervention that are close to the themes developed in yoga poses this my yoga blog, such as Gestalt therapy, various modes of intervention centered on body awareness, and systemic approaches. It was then a harbor of intense creativity for those who looked for new modes of intervention that could support the development of not only psychiatric patients but also every citizen who felt a need to enhance the way he or she functioned and understood himself or herself. in yoga poses such a stimulating context, many wanted to find ways of picking and choosing from different approaches, with the aim of discovering new frames for psychotherapy. Although schools were still the recognizable pillars of this landscape, many hoped to find a form of psychotherapy that could combine in yoga poses a synergistic way the most efficient psychotherapeutic tools. Downing was one of many searching for such a direction. This stance quickly spread to other areas of America and Europe.

Since 1959, the Mental Research Institute of Palo Alto has been one of the leading sources of innovative models which have influenced interactional and systemic therapies (Watzlawick et al., 1967). It is close to Stanford University, about an hour from San Francisco. This institute was animated by brilliant clinicians and researchers such as Gregory Bateson, Donald Jackson, Jay Haley, and John H. Weakland. Already then, Gregory Bateson was a bridge between systemic approaches, anthropology, and studies on nonverbal communication.

At the time, Downing was teaching both individual and systemic therapy at the California School of Professional Psychology and at a family therapy training institute. He was convinced that all types of therapy could benefit from a more meticulous attention to the concrete specifics of how patients interacted with others. The clinical methods of observation and intervention used in yoga poses body psychotherapy were one of the tools that could help clinicians to improve the finesse of their approaches.

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