Yoga poses for 6 packs

Bring your left leg straight in front of you and place your heel down with your toes pointed. Shift your hips as you roll forward onto your left shin and your right leg straightens back behind you to finish in Pigeon Pose. Inhale as you lean forward and place your hands on the ground. Exhale and push firmly to bring your left knee up into Lunge Pose Anjaneyasana. Your hips and shoulders should be square to face forward as your hands rest on top of your left knee. Be tall, projecting your chest forward and up. You should be engaging in a good hip snap and leg drive to push your hips forward and open the front of your right thigh, your right buttock contracting firmly. Exhale fully for good core activation to be strong and stable in your upper body, allowing your lower body to surrender. The transition to the opposite Lunge Pose begins by shifting your upper body forward onto your left thigh and bending your right knee to bring your right heel closer to you. The inside of your right shin will contact the ground and you can shift your weight smoothly onto your right heel as you bring your right knee up in the air. This is called a Knee Switch. As your right knee comes up, your left knee goes down to the ground. Continue to turn until your left kneecap is placed on the ground and you finish in the Lunge Pose with your left leg back. Again, exhale fully with good alignment to now fully open the front of your left leg. Lean your upper body forward and place your hands down on the ground; this will allow you to smoothly bring the side of your right knee down to engage in another Pigeon Pose.
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