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Yoga poses expert for Less specialized species of the genus have an open perianth tube containing nectar. The shorttubed flowers of this kind are pollinated by bees in search of pollen and nectar, but the long-tubed species are pollinated by long-proboscid flies. Ixiapaniculata, which has by far the longest perianth tube of all the species, is pollinated by the long-proboscid flies Moegistorhynchus longirostris Nemestrinidae and Philoliche rostrata Tabanidae whereas other long-tubed species, including I. bellendenii and I. pauciflora, are pollinated by P. gulosa. The remaining species subgenus Ixia have specialized flowers in which the perianth tube is extremely narrow and does not contain nectar. Yoga poses expert photos, Yoga poses expert 2016.

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