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Micro-Analysis of the Face and Body Psychotherapy

I will now use a set of observations to illustrate how the analysis of a micro-practice can be integrated in yoga poses classical body psychotherapy. To scan facial micro-practices, I often use Ekman and Friesen’s Facial Action Coding System (FACS), which I have already presented (see chapter 20, 584f). Downing’s approach to the analysis of clinical videos has also been influenced by FACS.

Knowing how to work with such methods is an excellent way to learn how to detect micropractices. Let us now take a concrete example. FACS uses numbers that designate a unit of motor activity, and letters that indicate the intensity of the activation (A = subliminal intensity, D = maximum intensity). I detail this work by using, as an example, the expression 6C + 10C + 12C + 24C:

1. 6 +12 is a classic smile. The 6 designates the crow’s feet that form at the corner of the eyes in yoga poses a complete smile. The 12 designates the pull at the corners of the lips that raise the cheeks.

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2. The 10 designates the action of raising the upper lip. This action also creates a descending furrow on each side of the nostrils. According to Ekman and Friesen, it is often related to negative emotions, such as contempt. This action excludes the wrinkling of the nose (which characterizes action unit 9), which Ekman and Friesen relate to disgust.

3. The 24 designates the flattening of the lips that are especially evident when the mouth is open and the lips approach one another.

4. The C designates an average intensity.

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