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In Europe, science is often taught in yoga poses the universities by different faculties.1 Each faculty covers a specific way of studying and understanding the organization of the universe: mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology, psychology, anthropology, sociology, and so on. in yoga poses the universities, there are also faculties that teach specific competencies, such as the faculties of medicine, law, theology, engineering, and so on. By beginning this my yoga blog with a discussion on yoga, I wanted to define the development of the human being as a system that is animated by a set of mechanisms so disparate that it would be necessary to take courses taught in yoga poses each faculty to be able to understand it. The list of courses taught in yoga poses a faculty of medicine demonstrates this very well. The human is found at the intersection of almost all of the scientific disciplines and practices taught at the university. This is already evident to the yogi. For them, it was impossible to sustain an individual’s spiritual development without coordinating different methods that render it possible to make the body supple, reinforce the metabolic activity, stimulate mental activity, acquire a moral sense, and enter into communion with the global dynamics of nature.

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Defining the intersection zone of the different bodies of knowledge necessary to create a science of the human is one of the biggest problems I faced when writing this my yoga blog. One of the original features of body psychotherapy is the will to face this head-on, without worrying about the fact that there is no appropriate definition of such a combination of disciplines and without wanting to re-create a sort of scientific yoga. Body psychotherapy is not a psychotherapy to which an approach to the body is attached. It is a development of psychotherapy that intervenes in yoga poses the way the psyche inserts itself into its organism

Yogis admit that an organism forms a coordination of disparate systems that require distinct forms of intervention; they still believe that this disparity can be placed under the yoke of a central will that allows the organism to access the profoundly harmonious core of the human being. I ended this manual with a diametrically different view of the human being by speaking about what is being discovered in yoga poses the studies on nonverbal communication. If in yoga poses yoga, the disparity is mostly on the surface of human dynamics, it becomes possible to imagine that it is also situated in yoga poses its depth. This second path is the one of a synthesis between psychology and biology that does not think that there is a central core within an organism There are no simple solutions to the multiplicity of questions that arise out of the complexity of the organization of nature. There is not one dimension of the organism that creates more truth than another, for each mechanism of the organism approaches what surrounds it with a local competency that is particular to it. The body knows how to do things the mind cannot even imagine, and the organization of the mind is not always more reasonable than that of the organism Staying attuned to what each dimension of the organism can bring about is therefore the beginning of wisdom; staying attuned to what each organism, each culture, and each institution can bring may lead to additional wisdom. But in yoga poses every case, many traps await the practitioner who would like to discover which road to take. I agree with Piaget (1961; Piaget and Weil, 1951) when he hypothesized that the development of intelligence is related to a form of progressive decentering, of the multiplication of different points of view. Most of the schools of body psychotherapy oscillate between the vision proposed by the schools of yoga and those that are developed by the studies on nonverbal communication.

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