Yoga poses downward dog

Yoga poses downward dog for The jiva-atma, who seeks fulfilment and fullness, is the bhagat or bhakta. Every living creature is a jivaatma. For every jiva-atma, other living creatures are para-atma (the individual other). The collective of all living creatures makes up the param-atma (the collective other). This relationship of the deha, prakriti and atma is best visualized in art as a spoked wheel, where the hub represents my body (deha) and the rim presents the body of the world around me (prakriti). The atma within us (jiva-atma) radiates like the spokes of a wheel and connects with the atma (para-atma) within everyone around us. All of this together constitutes param-atma, the potential that everyone, including us, can realize. Yoga poses downward dog photos, Yoga poses downward dog 2016.

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