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You wouldn’t be alone if the silly season leaves you emotionally and financially depleted. If so, reflect on why. Is it pressure to live up to expectations – your own and others’? Taking on too much responsibility, trying to squeeze in too much, the stress of family dynamics, social anxiety, blowing off a year’s worth of steam at once – or all of the above? Rather than surrendering to these pressures, decide what you’d like this time of year to mean to you. A chance to connect with those you love? To celebrate your successes? Or simply to recharge? Whatever it may be, forget the bells and whistles, and give yourself and others the gift of your true holiday spirit. rich Christmas food, and comfortably saying ‘no’ on some occasions. December is a month that’s meant to be enjoyed, but you don’t have to overdo it. exhausted from it all. Take a good-quality B vitamin supplement daily as well as a teaspoon of magnesium powder with breakfast and before bed to maintain energy levels and promote quality sleep.

If you’ve been out too late and need to reduce the possibility of a hangover the following day, take an extra dose of magnesium and your B vitamin with a big glass of water before you go to bed.


It’s summer, you’re hot, you’re parched and there is a lot more socialising to do so m. one tip is this: start, intersperse and end every social gathering with a glass of water! It will reduce kilojoules, aid the metabolism of alcohol, and prevent that highly unpleasant feeling of a fuzzy head, camel mouth, and noise and light sensitivity the morning after. For every glass of your other favourite drink that you replace with water, the less regrets you’ll have in the morning, and the more socialising you can do.

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The simplest way to survive the silly season is to ensure you stay hydrated. The summer heat combined with increased alcohol consumption and lack of sleep can increase your chance of dehydration. When you’re dehydrated you may feel sluggish, and it increases the chance of nasty hangovers. If you’ve been drinking alcohol, you can add some lemon to your water in the morning to help alkalise your body and greens like spirulina or wheatgrass to help boost your energy and support detoxification.


Load up on magnesium and B vitamins! The silly season is fun but it can lead to a big imbalance in your life. Parties, catch-ups and eating out can mean more alcohol and less sleep, and you want to be able to enjoy it rather than feeling.

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