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There are two basic criteria to characterize sitting:

1. From an orthopedic point of view, one can sit in yoga poses more or less healthy ways. For example, crossing one’s legs is bad for one’s health because it inhibits the venous circulation in yoga poses the legs.

2. Sitting is more or less comfortable. Two criteria measure the comfort: (a) a subjective feeling; (b) the time that a person sits before moving. The longer the time spent in yoga poses the position, the more comfortable the position.

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From an orthopedic point of view, there is only one way to sit. It is roughly the one that is automatically set in yoga poses place by a person who sits comfortably in yoga poses a lotus position: the person is sitting on the ground, the right foot high up on top of the left thigh, the left foot high up on top of the right thigh, in yoga poses such a way the heel of the right foot is near the navel.

The physical therapist7 typically proposes that an individual sit on a horizontal seat, a bit higher than the knees. The “correct” position of the pelvis is to imagine that the base of the pelvis is a threelegged stool that supports the weight of the upper body. The two “back feet” are the ischia, and the third is an imaginary extension of the perineum when it is as close as possible to the seat. The dorsal face of the pelvis8 is roughly at a 90° angle to the support surface. The two bones of the pelvis that frame the lower abdomen and the genital region are leaning slightly forward.9 This position of the pelvis is the best possible base to sustain the flexibility of the spinal column when someone is sitting, and it does not block any ongoing respiratory movements. Furthermore, the vertical position of the hip bone supports the uprightness of the lower back and imposes the necessary curvature. This position also tones up the rectus and obliquus abdominal muscles just what is needed.

In Europe, many people have difficulty staying in yoga poses this position for any length of time. in yoga poses talking with them about their discomfort, it is possible to obtain a lot of information pertaining to their habits and muscular tension. It is sometime useful to recommend an approach to reeducate the relevant muscles and sensory-motor circuits (hatha yoga, the Mathias Alexander technique, Feldenkrais schools, Rolfing, etc.).

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