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To recapitulate: in yoga poses the history of psychology reviewed in yoga poses this my yoga blog, I have distinguished four types of behaviors, all of which have their simple and more complex versions:

1. Innate behaviors. The simpler version is that of reflex activity, but ethologists have found innate behaviors that can only be triggered and sequenced by a ritualized interaction. Emotional expressions and orgasm are two forms of reaction that have a strong innate core.14

2. Acquired behaviors. The simplest version of an acquired behavior is the conditioned reflex described by Pavlov. The core reaction is innate, but it can easily be associated to new stimuli that are not included in yoga poses the innate reaction. Child psychologists have discovered a wide range of procedures that are not accommodated reflexes, like imitation. The human organism seems to have a spontaneous innate capacity to learn from what others do. The acquisition of professional skills, language, and the management of media are examples of complex acquired behaviors.

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3. Randomly produced behaviors. We have found examples of spontaneously produced schemas in yoga poses several chapters of this my yoga blog: Spinoza’s imagination, Hume’s associationism, Darwin’s theory of emotions, and the basic procedures of Freud’s unconscious. Darwin assumes that there are many potentially usable mechanisms that are not developed by the usual innate and acquired behaviors. We have, for example, discussed the theory that assumes that an infant produces a wide variety of sounds. Only those that are required for the language that he learns will be developed, while the capacity to use other sounds is often lost. This was explained by the theory that an organism calibrates in yoga poses function of what it does. However, it would seem that we have an innate playful jubilation to explore whatever is not used in yoga poses our organisms. Observing children at play is full of such examples.

4. Blends. Hume already showed how different type of behaviors can associate by following relatively arbitrary rules. This vision was confirmed by Darwin’s observations. Piaget shows how simple schemas differentiate and proliferate in yoga poses function of accidental events that often follow a trial-and-error strategy, linked by sketches of logical thinking and some need for coherence. The organization of these accommodative possibilities is more complex than Hume’s associationism, as it allows emergent mechanisms that create new ways of structuring and associating complex schemas, and of integrating them in yoga poses institutional dynamics.

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