Yoga poses cat

Perform 5 times as learned on 48. Then relax Remember to:

Breathe slowly and deeply so that all of the raising movements may be performed smoothly during the inhalation and exhalation

Perform this position learned on 13 once

Perform this positksn le’Sfned on 22 once Relax

Perform this position (or your extreme position) as learned on 57 twice. Relax

Remember to:

Bend very slowly, both backward and forward Hold arms high at all times Keep knees straight

Count 5 in the backward and 20 in the forward positions

(Correct counting is essential in each of the exercises if we are to be successful in our “progressive❠plan. Do not become careless in your counting)

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Cat Cow Stretch | Yoga Poses yogaposes8

Cat Pose | Marjaryasana | Yoga Pose yogaposes8

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