Yoga poses – Best ab workouts for core strength

Boat pose or navasana posture is one of the most effective postures to help strengthen the core muscles. Many variations of this posture help to build strength and go deeper and deeper into the core. Start in a seated posture on the mat. Bring the feet together, knees touching. Take the palms on to the inside of the knees, inhale, lengthen through the spine, making sure you are sitting on your sitting bones. As you lengthen, inhale and lean back, coming on to the toes and very slowly lift the feet up, bringing the lower legs parallel to the ground. And then if this feels good, inhale, straighten the arms up. All the while keep your back nice and straight, toes pointing out. Inhale and exhale, breathing nice and freely and you can hold here for five to ten breathe and then when you are ready to release, just take the palms onto the back of the knees, relax the feet down and there you go – Boat pose!.

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Yoga poses – Best ab workouts for core strength – Part 2

This variation of boat pose helps to tone the sides of the body and also helps strengthen the hips and the thighs, toning and strengthening all the abdominal muscles. This is a variation of the boat pose to work on strengthening the sides of the body. So begin by getting into the boat pose. Keep the spine nice and straight, lean back, feet of off the ground, reach the arms forward, slowly begin to take the arms over to one side, the rest of the body still in the same position, only moving the arms, back to centre. Keep the spine nice and straight. We’ll try doing this along with breathe. So inhale over to the side and exhale back to the centre. Inhale, exhale. One more time, inhale, exhale and release!.

Yoga poses – Best ab workouts for core strength – Part 3

This variation of boat pose helps to focus on both upper and lower abdominal muscles. Doing this pose slowly helps to increase the intensity of the workout. This is one more variation of boat pose and extremely effective. So same way to begin. As before, come into the boat pose, reach the arms out, reach the toes, spine nice and straight. And we’re going to slowly stretch the legs out and come into a low boat pose. The chest is still lifted, toes pointing out, back up into a high boat and back down into a low boat. Inhale up, exhale down. Inhale up, exhale down. Repeat as many times as you want. Inhale, exhale. And then, try to move down slowly. So inhale up and exhale slowly and then all the way up. And there you go! This is one of the most effective yoga pose to strengthen the core. Make sure not to compromise the back by slouching. Keep it nice and straight throughout..

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