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Yoga poses beginners on The Radha Soami Satsang (Sant Mat) 7. Various Buddhist groups. These lists could be expanded considerably, since religious and quasi-religious groups such as these have a tendency to divide into branches as disciples set up their own centres and develop a distinctive version of the teaching, or disciples cannot agree on a successor when a master dies and a number of variants are established by leading figures in the group. Usually, each subdivision will seek to establish a line of transmission (parampara) that guarantees the legitimacy of the teaching, a practice that goes back at least as far as the Upanisads.14 Sometimes, however, a self-appointed teacher appears on the scene and establishes his (rarely her) own authority, as was the case with Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh (Osho). To outline the history and teachings of all these groups and other forms of modern yoga would require a book in its own right and is beyond the scope of this chapter. I will, therefore, concentrate my comments on just two traditions of Modern Yoga that are firmly rooted in Indian traditions, encourage their students to engage in meditational practice alongside the postural work, and have had considerable influence on the understanding of yoga in the West. Yoga poses beginners 2016.

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