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However, in choosing an approach inspired by critical discourse analysis these preconceptions should not sabotage my project as they do for the essentialists. My idea – inspired by the French philosopher Michel Foucault – was simply to follow the usage of the sign yoga as a specific technical sign’ through history.

The problem was however that yoga first came to signify something at a certain time in history, which is related to the way it is used today and most of history. Before that yoga was mostly used in the form of a yoke ‘ (a wooden beam between oxen) or yoking’ – bringing together❠– like harnessing horses so they can pull together. But at a certain point of history, yoga signified something else❠(!!!), which we today recognise as yoga. This something else❠is exactly where our pre-conceptions and implicit categorisations set in. I will discuss this in detail soon. Now it suffices to say that, based on investigating my modernist preconception, I made a vague working definition of yoga as it appeared. Not a definition of yoga as such – only as the yoga sign emerged as a specific technical sign. After this starting point things were easy, as I just then followed – in the word of semiotics – the signifier’ (the physical sound of the word, the four letters) as the signified’ (the meaning) metamorphosed through history.

Yoga poses before bed for Delaroche Plants cm high, usually with as many as three spreading branchlets. Leaves sword-shaped. Flowers mostly per spike, axis fairly lax, cream to biscuit colored, perianth tube elongate-cylindrical, mm long, tepals spreading, mm long, stamens included or the anthers partly exserted. Flowering October-December. Moist sandy slopes and flats, NW, SW Bokkeveld Mountains to False Bay. Ixia patens Alton Plants cm high, sometimes with one or two short erect branchlets. Leaves sword-shaped to linear, the margins often prominent. Yoga poses before bed photos, Yoga poses before bed 2016.

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