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Yoga poses basic on It exists in two modes, an unmanifest (avyakta) and a manifest (vyakta). The manifest is not a coming into being of new existence, however, but merely an actualizing at the manifest level that which already existed at the unmanifest one. This is the teaching of satkaryavada, that the effect or manifestation (vyakta) already exists in the cause (avyakta). Prakrti s unfolding is accomplished initially through the manifestation of psychological faculties: intellect (buddhi) and egoity (sense of self) or self-formulation (ahamkara). The latter, in its different modes as conditioned by the qualities (guna) of sattva, rajas and tamas, then proceeds to evolve the remaining principles (tattvas) which make up the world of our experience. The order of evolution can be seen from the following table: The relationship between the gunas and tattvas is not very clear in the Samkhya Karika and Van Buitenen has suggested that they were originally distinct but combined in the classical Samkhya of the Karika.27 Rajas, in particular, seems to lack a coherent position in the tattva scheme. Yoga poses basic 2016.

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Yoga poses basic


Yoga poses basic

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