Yoga poses to balance 2nd chakra

The wisdom of the ancient sages has been passed to us through written records. These records are testaments to their spiritual experience related to us through dramatization, a conversation between student and teacher, or as an epic drama where experienced truths are related through the minds of characters within these dramas and sometimes as a straightforward, powerful description in poetic rhyme. These eloquent masterpieces, often voluminous, give evidence that ancient sages had a gift of language and a wealth of spiritual experience far in advance of any modern day sage.

Truth is in the domain of a higher mind beyond the scope of intellect, which only gives order and classification to the experienced truths. The place of the mind in the scheme of creation was clearly understood and by definition was a collection of knowledge gained by the senses and memorized. This lower mind and ordinary intellect was clearly understood to have nothing to do with experienced truth channelled through an awakened ajna chakra. Rather the norm was the opposite of today’s emphasis on the intellect in the search for truth. Ancient literature is clear that the barriers to truth are created in the ordinary mind. Overcoming barriers was the path and the goal was not understanding but experience of the truth.

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