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Vignette concerning a young man with a complex smile. A young man has, from the very first session, a complex smile that is often 22 made of the aforementioned configuration (6C + 10C + 12C + 24C + 26B23). After a few months of psychotherapy, we finally get to talk about the fact that the patient is easily self-critical, but he refuses to admit that he might have negative feeling toward those to whom he is close (colleagues, spouse, parents, etc.). With this theme well under way, I finally ask him to explore his smile. During an entire session, I suggest that he take his time to feel what is happening when he lifts his upper lip (AU10); he reports that he feels like a dog that bares his teeth and despises his enemy.

I then suggest that he explore what happens when he adds flattening his lips at the same time (AU24) after having opened his jaw (AU26). He feels something that curbs his contempt. I then suggest that he add a smile to this construction, and he suddenly becomes aware that it is close to his habitual smiles. Even at this slow pace, this experience is difficult for him to digest. He is grateful that I have allowed him to become aware of this side of himself that sometimes looks down at his wife, but he is shocked to discover (a) his contempt and (b) that his wife can perceive this. I do not use this technique in yoga poses the following sessions. Instead, we talk about what he had felt when we explored the details of his smile.

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An important material emerges that the patient integrates by verbalizing what he feels. Four sessions later, I suggest that he lie down on the mattress and feel in yoga poses his body what is happening within. He talks again about his smile and his contempt; I do not work on his mimics. I ask him to just feel what is going on inside and localize what these feelings activate in yoga poses his body. He begins to describe a ball of anxiety that he often feels in yoga poses his belly, and about which he speaks to no one, not even me, his therapist. He feels his torso taking the shape of a C, with the thorax and the abdomen nearing the spinal column, while throat and pelvis rise upward. He feels the urge to curl up around this ball of anxiety, which he experiences in yoga poses his belly.

I wait a minute and notice that he does not turn on to his side to roll up around his pain, as many people do in yoga poses this case.

He stays on his back. Given that the C position is difficult to maintain for a long time, the back relaxes an instant by stretching out and then again takes up the C position. Having taken up this position several times, the movement becomes rhythmic. For a person trained in yoga poses the Reichian methods, two directions present themselves to the therapist:

1. The patient needs to go toward this pain slowly.

2. The patient is about to be mobilized by what Reich calls the orgastic reflex, and is oriented toward the anxiety of experiencing too much pleasure.

In both instances, the therapist accompanies and observes, but he has internal questions that keep him curious. As it happens, the work opened up on his fear of love, the fear of losing his identity if he really allows himself to love his wife, body and soul.

This is an example of how a body psychotherapist can begin with a relatively local sensorimotor schema, proceed to explore how it inserts itself into systems of regulation and the dimensions of the organism, which then leads to classic themes for most psychotherapeutic approaches.

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