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Yoga poses and pictures on N. Dasgupta has even claimed that The passage of the Indian mind from the Brahmanic to the Upanisad thought is probably the most remarkable event in the history of philosophic thought. 2 Although something of an overstatement, this comment does draw our attention to the significant differences that exist between Samhita and Upanisadic thought. The religion of the Samhitas has three prominent features: a polytheistic conception of deity; an emphasis on the importance of sacrificial ritual; and an understanding of post-mortem experience that postulates eternal existence in one or other heavenly realms. A consideration of these themes allows an informed judgement to be made about the relationship between the thought of the Samhitas and that of the Upanisads, particularly in terms of what they have in common and where they are different. POLYTHEISM In the early Vedic period3 the gods were principally known under two general titles: asura (sovereign or majestic one) and deva (shining one). By the end of the epic period (400 bce 400 ce) the meaning of asura had changed to demon whilst deva remained a title for the gods. Yoga poses and pictures 2016.

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