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Tumbleweed begins in Sleeping Warrior Pose (Supta Vira Asana). Be firmly seated on your heels, keeping your knees together. Lean forward with good spinal alignment as you bring your torso forward and down to rest comfortably on your thighs. Exhale to fully seat yourself in the position and continue to keep your buttocks in contact with your heels. Reach forward with your palms flat on the ground to continue the feeling of your spine and upper body opening tall and long. Your forehead rests lightly on the ground (1). Inhale slightly as you push through your hands and lift your head up off the ground. Continue the lift by raising your hips and shifting them forward (2). Exhale as your legs straighten and the front of your hips come down to the ground. You are now in Upward-Facing Dog (Urdhva Mukha Svanasana). Turn your elbow pits forward and push against the floor, bringing your shoulders down and away from your ears. Project your chest forward and up in front of you. Roll your shoulders back to engage in a strong shoulder pack. Look straight ahead. Squeeze your buttocks and thighs firmly and push your ankles into the floor (3).

Yoga poses and benefits for Lewis Plants cm high, stem with one to three short, spreading branchlets. Leaves linear to sword-shaped. Flowers three to nine per spike, axis congested, white, pink, or bluish, with dark center, perianth tube filiform, mm long, tepals spreading, mm long, stamens fully exserted, with dark anthers. Flowering October- November. Clay flats, NW Porterville to Wolseley. Ixia Stillaris Linnaeus Plants cm high, often with one to three short branchlets. Leaves sword-shaped, the margins sometimes undulate. Yoga poses and benefits photos, Yoga poses and benefits 2016.

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